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ITG Advanced Manufacturing Pavilion Made its Debut at Xiamen Industrial Expo CCRE Joined the Expo together with XGMA


On July 7, 2022, the four-day Xiamen Industrial Expo opened at the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. On the morning, witnessed by attending leaders and guests, ITG Advanced Manufacturing Pavilion was unveiled for the first time, as a major highlight of this cross-strait industrial exchange event.

  Since 2022, ITG Holding has restructured CCRE and added an "advanced manufacturing" track based on this. At the Pavilion, CCRE together with relevant investment enterprises such as XGMA (including XGMA China Railway TBM), XGMA Heavy Industry, Yinhua Machinery (including Changjiang Hydraulic), CCRE Leasing, and CCRE C&D made a joint appearance, showcasing the development achievements and core strength of ITG Holding in the advanced manufacturing industry track.



Thumbs-up: Displaying style and boosting confidence

"It is not easy and commendable to successfully hold the exhibition against all kinds of difficulties," said Zhang Kelin, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation. The success of the Xiamen Industrial Expo and the smooth opening of ITG Advanced Manufacturing Pavilion fully reflect the latest achievements of Xiamen equipment manufacturing industry in accelerating its development under the background of the epidemic, showing its style and boosting confidence.

After attending the opening ceremony of the pavilion, Zhang Kelin visited the exhibits with great interest. He was deeply impressed by products such as XGMA electric loaders and tunnel boring machines. "XGMA seized the opportunity to transform and upgrade its products, continuously improving its core competitiveness, and made many achievements. "



The Pavilion : The launch of "heavyweight" products

This Industrial Expo was organized by ITG Exhibition and operated by Feichi Exhibition Co., Ltd. Located at Hall C4 of the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, the pavilion attracted a large number of merchants. 

The key products of CCRE at this exhibition include "heavyweight" products from companies such as XGMA (including China Railway TBM), XGMA Heavy Industry, and Yinhua Machinery (including Changjiang Hydraulic). Strategic coordination and supporting facilities will focus on showcasing advanced manufacturing upstream and downstream services such as CCRE Leasing Financial Solutions and CCRE C&D Advanced Manufacturing Park.

The reporter saw on site that various products entered the pavilion with their large size, good appearance, and strong hard power. As soon as the world-class large-span, super high-rise, and high-flow high spray fire truck of XGMA was unveiled, it attracted a crowd of onlookers. This high spray fire truck, named "Fire Demon Terminator", with a spraying distance of over 100 meters, can be widely used for the rescue of challenging fires in industrial and civil buildings. The XGMA electric loader with a fresh coating of "sea blue" fully embodies the concepts of "wisdom", "green", and "energy saving" of XGMA products, with a charging time of one hour and a working time of 5 to7 hours.

At the financial reception of CCRE Industry, CCRE Leasing focused on five areas of enterprise services (logistics and transportation, construction engineering, clean environmental protection, medical health, and advanced manufacturing) and five service models (financing leasing, commercial factoring, asset management, supply chain finance, and operating leasing), highlighting the competitive advantages and characteristics of CCRE Industry Finance deeply rooted in the manufacturing industry, with high quota, excellent cost, simple materials, and high efficiency.



Contract signing: a large order worth 100 million yuan

At the opening ceremony, China Railway 12th Bureau successfully signed a procurement cooperation agreement with Xiamen Engineering and China Railway for the "Earth Pressure TBM" double mode tunnel boring machine, with a total contract amount of 100 million yuan.

It is reported that Earth Pressure TBM is the first set of double mode tunnel boring machines used in Xiamen rail transit construction. It will be used for the construction of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 6 from Jimei to Tong'an, which is in the charge of China Railway 12th Bureau. The machine has a diameter of about 6.5 meters, a total length of about 120 meters, and a weight of nearly 600 tons.

Lin Chunming, President of XGMA stated that XGMA has gone through 71 years of development and has always adhered to the passion of serving the country through industry and the spirit of craftsmanship, creating a national industrial brand with independent innovation in China's construction machinery industry. This year is crucial for the transformation and development of XGMA. Based on a new strategic starting point, XGMA will explore new product fields, construct new growth models, and strive to once again become a leading enterprise in Xiamen's advanced manufacturing platform.



Relevant link: CCRE Anchors for a New Target and Set Sail

ITG Holding has restructured CCRE and added an "advanced manufacturing" track based on this, effectively carrying the functions advanced manufacturing investment platform for Xiamen, and playing five key roles in optimizing the structure, attracting the leading enterprises, controlling the core, nurturing the ecosystem, and promoting upgrading for Xiamen's manufacturing industry.

According to the newly sorted 2022-2025 strategic plan, CCRE is positioned as a "domestic first-class advanced manufacturing investment platform and core engine for regional manufacturing development". It will focus on the three major industrial chains of IT, new energy and new materials, and high-end equipment. It will also implement the "four wheel drive" operation mode of industrial management, industrial parks, industrial investment, and industrial funds, To achieve the development goal of "expanding and strengthening the core business, gathering a scale of hundreds of billions of industries, building local industrial chain competitiveness, and supporting the doubling breakthrough of Xiamen manufacturing industry".