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Vice Chairman Zeng Tingyi Made an Investigation at Jiaozuo Production Base of XGMA

On March 2, Zeng Tingyi, Vice General Manager of ITG Holding and Vice Chairman of CCRE made an investigation at Jiaozuo Production Base of XGMA. Lin Ruijin, Executive Vice General Manager of CCRE, Lin Chunming, President of XGMA, Li Xiyong, Vice President and Financial Director, Zhuang Zhiqu, Secretary of the Board of Directors of CCRE accompanied the investigation.

Vice Chairman Zeng and his team conducted on-site research on the production line to learn about the production operation and process layout of the structural workshop, painting workshop, and final assembly workshop. At the site of full engine debugging, Vice Chairman Zeng inquired in detail about the debugging and use of the first electric loader that XGMA Jiaozuo Company collaborated on for trial installation, requiring XGMA to learn from the advanced, make up for shortcomings, and accelerate the progress of independent research and development. He also acknowledged the implementation of a green and intelligent production management model of Jiaozuo Company and the introduction of automated production lines for green coating centers.

At the subsequent symposium, Li Junning, general manager of XGMA Jiaozuo Company, introduced the basic situation, growth process, and 2022 business plan of the base. Vice Chairman Zeng pointed out that as the most important loader base for XGMA, Jiaozuo Company needs to face difficulties and challenges, proactively turn crisis into opportunity, fully seize the resource integration advantages of ITG Holding and CCRE, focus on the strategic goal of building an advanced manufacturing investment and development platform, and then further strengthen production and operation management, adhere to technological innovation and development, consolidate the foundation of transformation and upgrading, and fully mobilize internal enthusiasm, brainstorming, open-source revenue generation, and solidly promoting comprehensive work.

During this inspection trip, the delegation also held business talks with the Jiaozuo Municipal Government. Guo Peng, a member of the Jiaozuo Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, and the leaders of China Railway Equipment Group gave them a warm welcome. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on innovation cooperation, market development, strategic transformation, and other aspects.